It has been almost two months since my last new post, and after several weeks of feeling guilt and pressure (self-imposed, of course), I finally let go and allowed myself to embrace the fact that, in my life, minimalism serves me best when it’s lived. Yes, I want to talk and blog and share about […]

2016: The Year of Simple Food

When I was first diagnosed with Celiac disease, my aunt bought me a really fantastic book called “Gluten-Free Girl”, written by Shauna James Ahern back in 2007, the year I was diagnosed. I am incredibly grateful that this was the first book about celiac disease that I read, because it cast this huge diagnosis in […]

Identifying the Non-Essentials

This issue is at the heart of the practice of minimalism: what are the things that are absolutely essential to my life? Which things/activities/projects/relationships add value to my life, and which ones are draining me of vital energy that is needed elsewhere? Ultimately it’s every individual who has to identify for him or herself what makes […]

Simplify to Heal: Why Simplify First

I’ve noticed a trend in advice columns that I find both interesting, and a little unsettling. Until recently, however, I was unclear about what exactly it was that bothered me about these particular types of questions and responses. The format goes something like this: a reader or subscriber writes in, explaining to the column expert […]

Minimalism and Celiac Disease

At first glance, minimalism and celiac disease may seem like a strange pairing – after all, the first thing most people are facing on the tail of their diagnosis is having to dramatically alter their way of eating, and let’s be really honest, their way of living along with it. For most people, that represents […]