Simple Food: Getting Started

  I found the above quote last night and immediately knew that it was the perfect lead-in for this first honest-to-goodness we’re-really-starting-the-process post for my simple food project. It embodies my biggest shopping issue perfectly! I’ve been considering just how much to actually share publicly, and I’ve decided that sharing as much as possible is […]

Benefits of Simple Food

I’m quite excited to jump into the nitty-gritty of what I’m doing to simplify how I deal with food in my life, but I want to be sure to begin this process by defining what I’m thinking of when I talk about simple food. For me, simple food is created from whole, unprocessed or minimally […]

2016: The Year of Simple Food

When I was first diagnosed with Celiac disease, my aunt bought me a really fantastic book called “Gluten-Free Girl”, written by Shauna James Ahern back in 2007, the year I was diagnosed. I am incredibly grateful that this was the first book about celiac disease that I read, because it cast this huge diagnosis in […]

Letting Go to Thrive

A couple months ago, I was seriously wrestling with some major life questions and the impending uncertainty that our family will be facing in just under a year. For us, one of those questions has been whether or not to try to have another child while we have very good insurance through the military. This […]

Christmas in a Cookie

I am so excited today to share with you a recipe (my first one on the blog!) that I’ve spent several years working and reworking until I am quite satisfied that my gluten-free version is as close to the actual recipe that I remember from my childhood as possible. This particular cookie recipe is my […]

Identifying the Non-Essentials

This issue is at the heart of the practice of minimalism: what are the things that are absolutely essential to my life? Which things/activities/projects/relationships add value to my life, and which ones are draining me of vital energy that is needed elsewhere? Ultimately it’s every individual who has to identify for him or herself what makes […]